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The printing firm Printco Ltd was established in 1959, aiming to cover to a large extent the needs of the Cyprus market in the area of newspaper printing and other printing works.

Printco showed a rapid growth during the years of its operation, with modern equipment capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of customers, such as:

  • Printing of Newspapers
  • Printing of Magazines
  • Printing of Books
  • Printing of Telephone Directories
  • Printing of Advertising Leaflets


From the ΄80s onwards, the upgrading in machinery and personnel, as well as the quality and fast service, have made us one of the best “players” in the field of printing in Cyprus and abroad (Middle East, North Africa, England).

Today, Printco’ s equipment includes: 1 high speed coldset printing press , 2 high speed heatset printing presses, 1 robot for extraction of brochures and automatic layout.


For filmsetting, it has 4 automatic machines two of which are of computer-to-plate technology, with automated layout for maximum quality results.


In addition, it disposes 1 Nord Binder Muller Martini glue binding machine (on line) with 21 stations, capable of setting and gluing brochures at high speeds, fitting cover page, book cleaning on 3 sides and simultaneous binding.


At the processing section, all kinds of work can be done according to order, such as sewing and gluing of books, stitching of leaflets and magazines, book and magazine inserts/ads etc.

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